Friday, December 9, 2016

Start Up Companies - Eva's Delights

Designing a brand and website for any company is one of the most exciting and challenging things a business owner does.  I am here to assist and work with my clients to help design a website-brand that they are proud of and can grow as their company grows.  I love my job. Not only do I get to work with amazing clients but I get the honor to promote their companies visually.  

The best advice I can give any business owner when they contact a designer is to begin to look at other business brands, websites, and marketing pieces they like and don't like: for design, layout, content, colors, picture ideas, etc.  This gets them thinking about what they specifically want and gives your designer a visual idea of where the client eventually wants to end up.  Once we determine this we can figure out how to proceed with creating your website look and feel.

Below is a sample of my latest project.  It is for a start up company that officially went into business in fall 2016 that my dear friend Eva Morrison created called Eva's Delights.  Her company specializes in homemade artisan chocolate truffles.  A few things that were key to her website creation was simplicity, eye catching, having the option for the client to make adjustments to her site in the future, and of course sell her products directly from the website.  Her truffles are fabulous and make great gifts for yourself or others.  Feel free to purchase a box and try them for yourself.