Thursday, March 31, 2011

Key West, FL to South Beach Miami, FL

Had the most wonderful time at the Key West Butterfly Center. Though their greenhouse was even more humid then the outside Florida weather the sweat was well worth it to be surrounded by 75 different species of butterflies flying around you. One even landed on my hand and hung out there for about 2 minutes. Unfortunately it was with my right camera hand so no shots were taken but it was a highlight. Took tons of photos below are some. Then ventured to get a bit of the ocean and water fix before heading back into the car to drive out of the keys. The water is still amazing in color. Stopped for a quick stretch break along Anne's Beach before returning to the car to go to South Beach - Miami Beach. Had a nice evening walking around and looking at the neon lite art deco buildings.
A must go to if you are in Key West. Had the best of time and could of bought out the entire gift shop.

They also had different species of birds and some turtles along with a variety of plants.

Just love the line quality of this vibrant plant.
Standing in front of the ocean on Key West.

Headed out of the Keys. Some pictures taken at 50 mph.
Love how the colors change when sand recedes into ocean.
Saw a couple of wind surfers off an island all by themselves. They were fun to watch as we passed by them.

Anne's Beach.
Amazing waters that are also so clear at the beaches.

Building reflections in a building in Miami.
Off to South Beach and almost no hotel room. First time we have run into not having reservations as a problem for a room. With help from family via cell phones and checking in with as many different hotels as possible finally found a semi-affordable room for the night.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunset in Key West

I had a wonderful time this evening taking photographs as the sun set in the east on Key West. Sunsets are always such a magical time of the day. Having the light reflected on the water with boats scattered here and there and another breathtaking key island as the dropping point I just continued to take composition after composition. I also focused a lot on just water itself with the ever changing patterns and light. Enjoy.

Florida City,FL to Key West, FL

We have finally traveled to the southernness part of the continental US, Key West. The 3 hour drive through the key islands were breathtaking. The water kept on getting bluer and bluer. We had a fabulous time walking around town, doing tourists things, seeing the sites, and even fit in shopping time. I have to say the highlight was the sunset (pictures to following in another posting). The humidity is getting to me. My body is just not use to the extreme hot weather. It is amazing that two weeks have already gone by.
Manatee mailbox holder. One of the cutest things ever.
The water is getting clearer and bluer.
Play with car window shadow.
Loved this little cute old place on Key West. The bougainvilla growing along side made it even more beautiful and characteristic.
More palm trees popping up along the coast lines.
Beautiful sail boat.
Saw this amazing fuschia leafy plant that I had to take pictures of.
Part of a very old boat in town.
One of the ladies held a real alligator on the streets by the aquarium entrance. Was surprised how long this little guy really was.
Another large sculpture this time based on a Renior.
Start of the country's milage. O miles on Highway 1.
Posed by the monument indicating the last point in the south of the continental USA.

Just love taking pictures of nature (Palm branch close up)
Saw a lighthouse and thought of Bruce.
More nature shots.

There was a line of 5 pelicans on top of the Sea Turtle Museum building.

Some boat structure and elements are just eye catching to me.

Just can't stop taking pictures of water patterns and light.
Can you see the ship sailing after sunset?