Thursday, December 12, 2013

Different Marketing Avenues - Use All You Can

One thing to remember with marketing an event, special exhibit, new product or your services is to market in all avenues you can for getting your information out to the public - direct mailers, websites, emailers, brochures, flyers, social media, etc.  One thing to note as you do this is to continue the consistent branding through all your marketing materials through the use of same fonts, imagery and colors.  The public will begin to recognize, associate, and remember your event.

Below are examples of the different marketing avenues I use for my client Art Works Downtown to advertise their newest art exhibit - Small Works Show currently on exhibit in their 1337 Gallery.

Postcards are designed and mailed out to their mailing lists, given to artists to pass out to their contacts, and are distributed around the community to get their next exhibit advertised to the public.

An Ecard icon is designed to be emailed out to various different contacts.

A slideshow image is created to be highlighted on the home page of their website with a direct link to their exhibit webpage.

A webpage is updated on their website with all the pertinent information about the art exhibit.

An RTA sign is created for the gallery window. 

Finally an emailer through iContact is created to send out to their contact list.

Second Friday Art Walk Map - Exhibit highlighted on front cover and inside information.

If your company or another company you know of needs assistance with graphic or website design work to help market an upcoming event, exhibit, products, or services Susan Searway Art & Design would be happy to assist you in any way I can.   Happy Holidays!