Friday, September 11, 2015

Samples of Recent Design Projects

Novato Lumber and Fence WordPress website:

Infographic created for Blackstone Technology Group

Emailer creation of template, layout, and design for Ilani Kopecki

Postcard design for Clare Michael Interiors

Website redesign of Lynn Sondag's website

Emailer creation of templates, layout, and design for SmartFeed

Friday, September 4, 2015

Introducing New Art Series - A Grapevine's Persona on Exhibit

New Works Autumn's Persona, digital art © Susan Searway-Fertig
For the past three months I have been working on a new series based on grapevines. My process for creatingA Grapevine’s Persona – Digital Art Seriesis similar to the way I create my figurativePersonaseries only instead of using drawing, paintings, or watercolors as a basis I am using photography.A Grapevine’s Personaseries is dedicated to my husband who loves and introduced me to wines and going wine tasting. As we travel around vineyards I always have my camera close at hand, literally. I shoot anything and everything to find a composition. Yet, I mostly concentrate my work on nature. The most wonderful thing about working with nature as your subject matter is that it is ever changing. Artist Robert Bateman states it best, “Everything in nature has its own personality.” You can never capture or see the same composition twice. There are always little nuances of change. When you take photographs or observe wildlife they almost never stay in that “perfect” composition you envision. Therefore you have to do a lot of improvisation and creativity to get the composition you desire.

My new series is currently on display in my art studio at Art Works Downtown, Studio #18 and at Bacchus and Venus Wine Tasting and Art Gallery, Sausalito, CA.

Bacchus and Venus 
Wine Tasting and Art Gallery

69 Bridgeway
Sausalito, CA 94965
On Exhibit Starting This Weekend: September 4, 2015

Wine Vine Essence, digital art and Wine Vino's Individuality II, digital art© Susan Searway-Fertig

Please feel free to see my new work in person or on my website at

Hope to see you soon.
Susan Searway-Fertig

Friday, March 13, 2015

Consistent Branding Through All Your Marketing Materials

One thing to remember with marketing your company whether it is for an event, special exhibit, new product or your services is to market in all avenues you can for getting your information out to the public - direct mailers, websites, emailers, brochures, flyers, social media, etc.  One thing to note as you do this is to continue the consistent branding through all your marketing materials through the use of same fonts, imagery and colors.  The public will begin to recognize, associate, and remember your company.

Below are examples of one of my clients' brands, Essence of Skin Care by Stephany Baker, that we recently finalized and incorporated into her printed marketing materials as well as her new website.

Essence of Skin Care brand was actually inspired from a calendar image that Steaphny enjoyed the look and feel of.  I create watercolors of nature that I scanned into the computer and composed in the above composition as her new company logo. 

Essence of Skin Care - Business Card

Essence of Skin Care - Rack Card listing services they provide.

Essence of Skin Care - Website.  
Look at the complete site at 

Essence of Skin Care - Appointment Cards 
Her business would not be complete without appointment cards.

Gift certificates we also created.

If your company or another company you know of needs assistance with graphic or website design work to help market an upcoming event, exhibit, products, or services Susan Searway Art & Design would be happy to assist you in any way I can.   Thanks for reading.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Working for Artists and Art Centers

One niche of clientele that I love to work for are artists and art centers.  I get to see new works and series that the artist has developed and I get to hear about upcoming exhibits.  Below is a website design project and a postcard design project for an upcoming exhibition that I have recently been working on.

Re-designing a custom built website to update a new series of watercolor work by artists Lynn Sondag.  Her entire website can be viewed at 

Exhibit postcard for Art Works Downtown's upcoming exhibit Jessica Hess.  Click here to read more about this upcoming exhibition.

Susan Searway Art & Design specializes in Graphic Design & Website Design services. Susan has years of experience working in the print world from designing & laying out advertisements, brochures, educational materials, exhibits, fliers, identity packages, logo design, posters, direct mailers, emailer campaigns, etc. Whatever the printing project may be, Susan can design a work of art for your company in a modern creative way that is eye catching.

From there Susan can then convert anything into a web format for the World Wide Web. By knowing both the print & website world Susan creates effecting marketing & branding for your company that works best for you. Whether you need a website built from scratch, support for a current site, or a complete website redesign Susan Searway Art & Design can produce a modern, user-friendly site that will give you a professional online presence to be proud of.

     • Brochures   • Logo Design   • Identity Package    • Business Cards
     • Advertisements   • Fliers   • Posters   • Direct Mailers   • Exhibits  
     • Educational Materials    • E-mailer Campaigns in various programs
     • Website Design: Custom & Template Designs, WordPress, Joomla, HTML 

"I am an artist who loves to carefully listen to my clients to find out who they are and what services-products they offer, so I can create designs that visually articulate who they are in print and/or online."