Friday, April 1, 2011

Miami Beach, FL flying home to CA

Well 4,221 miles later I am finally sitting in the airport waiting for my flight back home. Today we had a bit of rain as we walked around Miami Beach, also known as South Beach. It was great to see the amazing Art Deco style of architecture around the city. Very classic and simple line quality. I was particularly interested in the font styles used. We then ventured into Little Havana for lunch at Versailles. Actually got a personal tour of the Cigarette Racing Team, Lic. factory in town. It is wonderful to see an American handmade boats company. The artisans that create these very custom boats are truly amazing. The process is so beautiful and the options in color and designs are almost endless. We then took the scenic route to the airport and here I am. The trip has been an amazing adventure. We went to so many different places and seen so many wonderful things. If you ever have the opportunity to travel across the country take it. It will be a journey you will never forget.

Our little sitting area outside of our hotel.
Love the Art Deco style. Especially the characters of the fonts.

Storm is here and sprinkling but we walked down to the beach no mater the drops.

Just love the line quality and the curves of the buildings.
My iconic thought of a Florida Hotel in South Beach.

Had fun capturing moving water from a fountain.
They have attached orchids to the tree. It is so humid out here that they actually grow right along with the tree. Amazing.

Found out that South Beach have a ton of feral cats. Here is one of many that was by our hotel.
Great restaurant. Thanks Ilse for the suggestion.
Front windows of the Cigarette building. Unfortunately could not take any pictures in the factory but the process of building high powered boats & custom fishing boats is amazing.
Reflection of the clouds in a car's back window.
Another's perspective shot.

Just loved the name of this street. Notice how the lights are horizontal rather then vertical.
Our car is the blue Mini Cooper.
Just love seeing Pelicans along the way. Saw a large group of them today must of been about 15 flying together.

Final milage of our trip. It was a good adventure. Thanks Alex.