Thursday, September 12, 2013

Recent Logo Designs by Susan Searway Art & Design

Logo Design - Branding for a company is a vital and important process in developing your company.  You have to visually articulate what you want your company to represent to your future clients.  You want to be professional, unique, and stand out from others in your field.  Your logo can be as simple as a font that represents your company or it can be more complex with an icon that is designed as vector art or it can be an image that goes along with the name of your company.  Whatever direction you decide to take your company brand in make sire you like it and that it represents you and your company well.  A strong brand will last for years.  A weak brand you will have to update in a few years.  Below are some recent logo designs I have created for my clients this year.  Enjoy.

I love working with my clients on a variety of projects from logo design, advertisements, brochures, educational materials, exhibits, flyers, posters, identity packages, business cards, mailers, or websites.  Mainly if you need it printed or put online Susan Searway Art & Design can help you get it there.