Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rotating Gallery Website Challenge

I have to say that I love at times having client projects that push me in a new direction and expand my comfort level as a designer with new skills.  I was taught to never say "no" to a client when they come up with a good idea but to be honest with them "I have never done that before but I will figure out how to do it".  This happened to me earlier this month once again and I am so pleased and happy with the end result.

I began working for a new client of mine Edie Chaska, Professional Interior Designer in Petaluma.  After our first round of designs for a landing page for her website she decided she wanted to incorporate a rotating gallery of images of her work.  Great idea but I have never had to create one of those in HTML format but sure let's do it.  After research, a bit of trial and error, and a lot of manipulation of JAV coding, I was able to create a rotating gallery on her website!!!  

We just got her website home landing page up and running last week and I thought you might want to check it out  http://echaskadesign.com  Below are some still shots of her webpage but it looks beautiful with her 8 slideshow images so view it live too.

I am think of incorporating this rotating gallery coding into some other websites for my clients that currently have Flash swf files in them.  The problem with Flash files are you can not get them to work on most mobile devices or your iPads.  So this rotating gallery code should be just the thing we need to get everyone up to date.  Enjoy the gallery.

Please keep Susan Searway Art & Design in mind for all your graphic and website design projects.  Referrals are always appreciated.  Thank you to Ed Roualdes, Contractor for this great referral to work with Edie.