Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Creating A Logo - True Colors Painting & Decorating, Inc.

A lot of clients and people I know ask me what is the process of creating a logo?

To illustrate a little bit of what I do here is one of my new client's True Colors Painting & Decorating, Inc.  They hired me to create a new logo for their company and to update their business cards for them.

They were great that they already had an idea in mind for their company - using a color wheel that they found online.  Unfortunately the color wheel they had was not in vector art form but was a simple jpg.  This means we had to recreate the color wheel by hand.  So what does that entail - using Illustrator  (one of my favorite design programs).

Above is an illustration of the steps I had to take to recreate their color wheel.  I had to create the circles (White Circles) and scale them to the correct size.  Then I had to create the section lines for each color section (White Lines).  Combine the two elements and then it is the creation of the actual color squares, which once started I discovered that they are not exactly the same so I had to adjust each color square by hand on each of their 4 corners to fit correctly into the color wheel.  There is a total of 468 individual colors squares.  Then I needed to color match the squares to the original color wheel and voila you have a new color wheel that can be reduced in size to be used on a 3.5" x 2" business card or can be expanded to go on signage or a billboard.

Next I take the new color wheel and design 3 different looks and feels for business cards for my client.  It is always fun for me to design and use my creativity while designing any project.  I always like to give my clients at least 2-3 different layouts so that they can decide what visually represents their company the best.  Finally you hear feedback, make adjustments, and finally the client is pleased with the final design.

I hope this helps illustrate a bit of what a graphic designer does for their clients.  I love working on a variety of projects from logo design, advertisements, brochures, educational pieces, exhibits, flyers, posters, identity packages, business cards, mailers, or websites.  Mainly if you need it printed or put on the web Susan Searway Art & Design can help you get it there.